The following outline will give you an overview of what to expect during the home upgrade process; the process is broken down into 3 phases:


1. Client Interview

During initial phone contact, we will ask you a series of questions to get to know your specific needs and interests as well as information about your home.

2. Energy Bill Review

We will ask you for at least one year of energy bills to review current energy usage and evaluate your potential for savings.

3. Initial Visit

We will schedule an initial visit to perform a “Test-In” inspection.  This evaluation will measure air flow and air leakage throughout your home, evaluation of equipment and appliances, as well as potential combustion safety issues.  This will give us an idea of areas your home can be improved.  The cost of this inspection is $500-$700.

You can also have this inspection performed by our partnered non-profit group RCEA (Redwood Coast Energy Authority); they charge $300-$500 per inspection and will refund this amount to you if you move forward with completion of a project.  With your permission, the will send all test measurements and reports to us. Click here to visit RCEA's website.

4. Proposal Development and Presentation

Based on the findings of the Test-in and your energy records, we will identify the items that can be addressed with the potential energy savings and an explanation of why they should be addressed.  This same information will be provided to you by RCEA should you choose to have them perform this inspection.  We will also include (regardless of who performs your inspection) a proposed cost of completing each item and the estimated rebate to be received through Energy Upgrade California initiative.  Financing options will also be provided if you are interested.  We will review this proposal with you and determine which items you would like to move forward with.

5. Final Proposal and Contract

Based on your decisions, we will revise the proposal to meet the agreed upon project scope.  We will develop a contract and upon receipt of a signed contract and initial deposit, will schedule work dates for the project to be completed.  Some documents may be requested of you to start your Energy Upgrade California Rebate application (we process the entire application for you and the rebate is mailed directly to you).  We will also consult with you for equipment/appliance selection as materials are ordered.


Listed below are some, but not all of the usual steps; actual steps will be specific to individual property.

1. Remove and Remediate

2. Crawl Space and Attic Clean-Up

3. Lighting and Wiring

4. HVAC & Water Heater Installation

5. Insulation and Appliances

6. Inform/Involve the Homeowner


1. Post Inspection

When the work is complete, we will complete (or RCEA if they performed your Test-In inspection) a post “Test-Out” inspection which will evaluate all areas originally measured to compare and evaluate the improvements that have been made.

2. Rebate Submission

Your Energy Upgrade California rebate application will be completed once the Test-Out inspection is completed.  We will submit all forms for you; though we may request your signature on a few documents to complete this process.  Upon approval, you will receive a check by mail within 6-8 weeks.

3. Energy Bill Review

We do ask that after one year of completed upgrades that you will provide us with your energy bills once again, so that we may collect and compare your usage.


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I was pleased with how quickly you were able to get the work done...Your professionalism is always appreciated and a pleasure. You are always communicative and follow up is thorough and professional.

Wendy Kapic