Shawn Ellsworth is a licensed California General Contrator (Lic.# 870132) and is fully insured to perform all energy retrofits on your home. He is also a BPI certified energy professional  and is fully qualified to perform a home energy audit and determine what cost-effective measures are available to improve your home’s energy performance and comfort.

Shawn is committed to energy performance and has completed many training programs through PG&E leading to his certification with their Energy Upgrade California program. He is also certified with the CHF Residential Energy Retrofit Program.

Shawn Ellsworth established Comfortable Efficiency in 2010 as the premier building performance contracting company in our area. As lead contractor and field instructor for a project involving Redwood Coast Energy Authority and The Yurok Indian Housing Authority, he taught a team of 10 “Green Jobs Workforce” trainees to perform extensive energy efficient retrofits on eight homes in Humboldt County. This project, and the idea of building energy performance, were featured in the 2011 annual Do It Green publication by The North Coast Journal.

Comfortable Efficiency is committed to the “building as system” approach to construction. Shawn is a certified Building Analyst Professional by the Building Performance Institute Inc., the nationally recognized authority. He is also a certified Home Energy Rating System rater, and remains on the cutting edge of his profession through training and working with some of the foremost authorities in this industry on both residential and commercial projects.

What Is a “Whole-House” Approach?

In the “whole-house” approach, Comfortable Efficiency sees your home as a complete “system” – all components affect each other. Contractors (like Comfortable Efficiency) that are performing “whole-house retrofit” work are specially trained, certified and equipped to test, diagnose and fix multiple problems that exist in a home. Specializations can be air sealing, heating and cooling, insulation, energy auditing and general contracting, all of which Comfortable Efficiency does!

Contractors doing this type of work use special diagnostic equipment to evaluate a home. A blower door is the signature diagnostic tool of the whole-house performance contractor, but also include a duct-blaster and infrared analysis, among other tests, to determine the problem areas in a house.

Home Remedies for Inefficient Houses

Our “whole-house” energy philosophy is to see your home as a complete system. We look at everything in the house that uses or impacts energy consumption, including heating, cooking, refrigeration, hot water, appliances, lighting and all other devices that either use or influence energy use in the house. No matter if you have forced air heating, radiant floor heating, wood stove or propane heater, we utilize state-of-the-art technologies to determine the most effective ways to make your house as efficient as it can be.

Typical remedies include:

  • Air sealing;
  • Install insulation (attic, wall, floor);
  • Install energy-efficient furnace;
  • Install energy-efficient water heating (including heat pumps and solar water heating);
  • Install weatherization measures: door sweeps, weather stripping, hot water pipe insulation;
  • Install energy-efficient lighting (compact fluorescents, LEDs, halogen and other devices);
  • Install automatic switches to turn off lights;
  • Install whole-house energy management systems;
  • Install timers and other devices to turn off appliances when not in use


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Shawn & Team:   Thank you for installing foam insulation for our Bayside house & cabin. You were very efficient and pleasant to work with - much appreciated! It does feel warmer - especially the cabin & the back of the big house feels warmer. We are happy to get this completed.

Gabriella Parkinson