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Exceptional Craft.

Deep Knowledge of Building Science.

Comfortable Efficiency is a full-service home performance contractor. We are dedicated to reducing energy consumption and increasing the comfort in your home by maximizing your home’s energy efficiency, improving the indoor air quality and any other hazards that could be jeopardizing your health and safety, and optimizing the longevity of your home.


We are certified to perform home performance audits, which analyze the whole house as a system and look at the harmony between each of your home’s components – the building envelope (the insulation, windows, doors, and air sealing), and mechanical systems (the furnace, heat pumps, and water heaters). The data recorded from the home performance audit will identify energy waste, indoor air quality issues, and sources of physical discomfort. We can then target the areas that would give you the greatest real return on your investment and give you the greatest home improvement for the best value.

With the “Building As A System” approach as our foundation, we consider measurement and verification to be the key that opens the door for home performance contracting to deliver results. The quality of the installation is measured and verified, not assumed. We do this during the installation, when the opportunity to correct and maximize the function of those improvements is still there. From beginning to end, measurement and verification gives Comfortable Efficiency and you, the homeowner, the facts you will need to select specific improvements to be made and to ensure that those improvements will make a difference to your comfort and the efficiency of your home. We base these project components on the measured success of real life case studies, not on inflated claims from a manufacturer’s laboratory testing or “rule of thumb” design.

The indicators of a poor performing house are:

  • Drafty rooms
  • High utility bills
  • Uneven heating – some rooms too hot, some too cold
  • Moisture build-up on interior windows or walls
  • Mold, mildew and musty odors

If you experience any of these indicators or would like to explore your options for a healthy, comfortable and efficient home, feel free to contact us by filling out the form on the Contact Us page.


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Shawn & Team:   Thank you for installing foam insulation for our Bayside house & cabin. You were very efficient and pleasant to work with - much appreciated! It does feel warmer - especially the cabin & the back of the big house feels warmer. We are happy to get this completed.

Gabriella Parkinson