Is your home sick?

Improving the building shell of your home, dealing with moisture around your home, and improving air circulation will address the "sick house" issues addressed in this article. Is your home sick?

Why Proper Insulation Installation is Important

Video: Proper Insulation Installation (click link to watch Video)

New Finance Partner: "REEL" (Residential Energy Efficiency Loan)

We are announcing a new Energy Efficiency loan partner: the REEL program; direct partner of Energy Upgrade CA. If you are interested in obtaining financing for energy efficiency projects, see the link below or send us your questions: Contact Us

Health Benefits of Energy Efficiency in Your Home

The paper below details extensively the health benefits of energy efficiency upgrades to your home:

Come visit us at the 2016 PACE Expo on 4/16/16 !

Come visit our booth at the PACE Expo and learn more about Energy Efficiency Upgrades and Financing.

What is Home Performance?

Are you wondering what Home Performance is and what exactly makes it unique?  Our friends at Energy Vanguard have started a blog series on explaing what we are and what we do.  Below is the link for Part 1 in the series.

Click on this link:   What is Home Performance? Part 1

California's Top 5 Energy Breakthroughs of 2015

Interesting infomation about where the state is headed and breakthroughs that have been made in the Energy Efficency movement.

Help the Real Estate Industry and Energy Efficiency Industry Unite - Vote YES on the SAVE Act!

Please help us in urging our State Senators to vote YES on the SAVE Act. This effects both the Real Estate industry and the Energy Efficiency industry.

Please read the following fact sheet for more information:

You can find your state senators here:

Benefits of the "Whole House Approach"

Alliance to Save Energy explains the "Whole House Approach" and how it can benefit your home:

Ground Source Heat Pumps: a low-energy, low-maintenance way to heat and cool your home

Our Partner, California First Financing, has a very informative blog on Ground Source Heat Pumps which provide a low-energy, low-maintence way to heat  and cool your home.  It explains what they are and how they work.  This is another qualified product through their energy-efficient financing program.  Approval is both quick and easy.

See the blog at: