New Home Construction

Comfortable Efficiency knows that making the highly efficient, comfortable, and durable home of your dreams a reality depends largely on good planning and exceptional execution.

Most important is that the people designing your project and those carrying out those plans are on the same team from start to finish. In a conventional building project, an architect hands off a set of blueprints to a contractor. The contractor then hands those prints to the many sub-contractors to figure out how they can do “their job” the fastest, cheapest way, and without having to deal with other crews on the site.

Comfortable Efficiency’s approach is quite different. Your project will be based around “Integrated Design” so that the architect, the engineer, the builders, and most importantly you are all involved in putting together a plan with clear and obtainable goals. As that plan takes shape physically from the ground up, we will ensure quality craftsmanship, verifying and testing all the details that are key to building a home that performs well, is comfortable and healthy, and stays that way far into the future.