North Coast Journal Goes Green

Thank you for your interest in helping our community GO GREEN.  Below are some basics to what we do and why with links to further information.

What we do:

We perform upgrades on your home that make it more Energy Efficient, more comfortable, and provide healthier indoor air quality for you and your family.  Upgrades may include: HVAC upgrades; attic, crawlspace, and duct insulation; whole-house air sealing; window, door, hot water heater, and lighting replacement; ventilation (indoor air quality), and solar system design and installation.
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Why we do it:

Here are the top reasons why we choose to do what we do:
*Provide you with a healthier and safer home.
*Provide you with a more comfortable and durable home
*Provide you with cost savings on energy and to reduce your impact on the environement.
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How it works:

Here is a very breif summary of how the program works:
*You have a home inspection done on your home to test the above mentioned areas (health, safety, comfort, durability, efficiency)
*We provide you with a report summarizing our findings and make suggestions to improve on those areas.  This report also includes the cost of each item, how much you can receive in rebates, and fincial options if you should need them.
*We agree on a scope of work, sign a contract, and begin on an agreed upon date!
*We process all rebate forms along the way for you, so all you have to do is receive a check when the project is complete.
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How to get started:

Call us directly at 707-839-8378 or use the following link: